Gin Masterclass Bottles

Gin Masterclass Bottles

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1x 750ml Beefeater Blood Orange

1x 500ml Monkey 47 Sloe

1x 500ml Monkey 47 Dry

1x 750ml Ki No Bi Tea

1x 750ml Plymouth Dry

1x 750ml Method & Madness

2x 750ml Premium Capi mixers to pair with your gins, and blood orange garnish


Why buy a taster pack when you can create your own bar! Enjoy six of these delicious gins from around the world and learn about what makes these so special. Invite your friends over and join us as we taste, mix and enjoy these gins together on 23rd June 7pm during this online, live and virtual masterclass.

  • Taste 6 delicious and unusual gins ranging including Beefeater Blood Orange, Monkey 47 Sloe and Dry, Ki No Bi Tea, Plymouth Dry and Method & Madness
  • Plus 2 premium Capi mixers to enjoy with your gins!
  • Learn the history of each brand and the creation of each unique gin and explore what makes these gins so special
  • Learn how to really taste and appreciate gin, either on its own or as a cocktail using our tasting notes and tasting sheet
  • Discover expertly recommended mixers to pair with each gin, as well
  • Unlock some delicious cocktail recipes and pairing recommendations


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