CBCo Beer & Cider Tasting Experience

CBCo Beer & Cider Tasting Experience

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Introducing the Brew Crew from the legends at Colonial Brewing Co. 

Find yourself welcomed by a smooth and approachable Pale Ale, accepted by the light and refreshing Sour and embraced by a full-bodied IPA, tailor-made for Aussies and Dave’s alike. Small by name but not by flavour, try our low alcohol Small Ale - don't knock it before you've tried it! Our favourite crew is completed by a true cold-pressed Bertie apple cider, none of that boozy apple cordial.


  • Dave’s Experience Box 
  • Dave’s Cheat Sheet - tasting notes
  • Four craft beverages from Colonial Brewing:
    • IPA
    • Pale Ale
    • Small
    • South West Sour
    • Draught
    • Bertie Cider
  • Online pre-recorded course with Ash Hazell, Head Brewer and all-around legend of Colonial Brewing.
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